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Bird Garden in Lavizan

Bird Garden in LavizanBird Garden in Lavizan

Six years ago 20 hectares of Lavizan Park in northeast Tehran was turned into a Bird Garden.

It is the largest garden in Iran and home to some 250 species, including a good deal of rare and exotic birds.

Birds aside, the park has a great ambience and a peaceful vibe. Those who have kids should bring them and let them play in the park. They will surely be filled with awe when they see the vibrant feathers.  A visit to the park can take a whole day. Time flies when everyone is having a good time. Maybe it is not a bad idea to bring a snack or two along. Other than a restaurant, there is no other place in the park selling food.

As is the case with all recreational places in Tehran, the Bird Garden is crowded during weekends.

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