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Impetus for Iran-China Cultural Exchange

Impetus for Iran-China Cultural Exchange Impetus for Iran-China Cultural Exchange

Tehran was host to the opening of Chinese Film Week on Wednesday evening.

The event took place in the Cinema Museum with the Head of Iran Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs Hojatollah Ayoubi, the Chinese ambassador to Iran Pang Sen, and some officials from the two countries attending the occasion, MNA reported.

Thanking the warm welcome by the cinema organization, Pang Sen explained about the history of cinema in China which began in 1905. He noted that China is the third country in film production in the world, with Bollywood and Hollywood producing 1000 and 500 movies a year respectively.

“Chinese films have garnered numerous awards globally,” Pang Sen noted. “Such events help mutual cultural exchanges between the two countries. I hope that friendship between the two peoples continues.”

Later in the program, Tong Gang, deputy director of State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT), expressed pleasure on his trip to Iran and said, “earlier this year, President Hassan Rouhani visited China, which was a step for further strengthening mutual ties between the two countries,” and hoped the relationship would flourish.

 Getting Acquainted

Showing of different Chinese films provides Iranians the opportunity to get familiar with the culture of the most populated country in the world and enjoy its rich history and civilization.

“Chinese and Iranians used to trade through the Silk Road in the past. Today in the 21st century this can be done too in the cultural area,” Tong Gang added.

Speaking on the importance of cinema as a medium to express ideas, the head of Iran Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs, Hojatollah Ayoubi pointed out that Iranians and Chinese have a lot in common and movies can well reflect their views, words and cultures to the world.

Iran and China are two of the world’s greatest civilizations. The history of the two countries is replete with artists and scientists. Paper was first invented in China in 150 BC.

Although the first cinema theater was established in Iran in 1900, the first film in Iran was produced long after that in 1929.


Ayoubi suggested cinema cooperation between the two sides. “I want to make a deal with the Chinese as their movies are very good. By paving the ground, one-twentieth of cinemas in China can screen Persian movies and vice versa.

Prior to the ceremony, the officials of the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding further cinematic activities.

A Chinese film was also shown to the participants. Four movies are scheduled to be screened in Cinema Museum during the film week.

Organized by the Head of Iran Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs, SAPPRFT, and Chinese embassy, the event will continue till September 21, with artists, cineastes, and cultural officials from Iran and China participating in different programs.