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Debate on Timothy Williamson’s ‘Tetralogue’ at Book City

Debate on Timothy Williamson’s ‘Tetralogue’ at Book CityDebate on Timothy Williamson’s ‘Tetralogue’ at Book City

Swedish-British philosopher Timothy Williamson’s 2015 book will be reviewed and discussed in a meeting organized by Book City Institute in Tehran. “Tetralogue: I’m Right, You’re Wrong,” a book about a conversation between four fictional characters on a train, was first published by Oxford University Press. Its Persian translation by Kamran Shahbazi and Saeedeh Bayat was recently released by Kargadan Publishing House in Tehran, according to the Persian website of Book City Institute. Williamson, the author, specializes in philosophical logic, philosophy of language, epistemology and metaphysics. His book, to be discussed on July 3 at the Cultural Center of Book City, is an entertaining excursion into philosophy. Philosopher and author Amir-Ehsan Karbasizadeh and philosopher of science Hossein Sheikh-Rezaee will attend the meeting. Also participating are Shahbazi and Bayat. The meeting will include subjects discussed in the book such as real-life problems related to fact and fiction, relativism and dogma, science and superstition. Book City Cultural Center on Ahmad Qasir Street, north of Beheshti Avenue is the venue of the meeting.

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