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Grand Bazaar

Grand BazaarGrand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar, a huge maze of bustling corridors in south Tehran, offers visitors a unique shopping experience.

To venture into the bazaar, one must first be free from any fear of crowds. It is only natural in the maze to bump into others. In many corridors and tiny alleys strolling is not an option; one must patiently move with the flow and be mindful of porter carts. 

A map of the bazaar may come handy to newcomers, unless they want to immerse themselves in a clueless, endless walk.

The bazaar is a mix of colors and scents. If they can find their way, visitors will find spices and herbs, nuts and sweets, apparel, footwear, gold and jewelry, fine but costly handmade rugs, copperware among other products. It is Iran’s main wholesale market where traders and retailers come to from across the country.  

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