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Meeting on Contextual Architecture

Meeting on Contextual ArchitectureMeeting on Contextual Architecture

Iran Architectural Luminaries Foundation has organized a meeting on context-driven architecture.

Slated for June 13, the meeting will be held with the participation of architectural designer Mohammad-Mehdi Mahmoudi, secretary of the panel; digital artist and 3D designer Mehdi Khakzad; and landscape architect Mohammad Motallebi among others.

Imam Ali (AS) Museum will host the meeting. It is located at No. 25, Esfandyar Blvd., north of Zafar Street, Valiasr Street, Honaronline reported on its Persian website.

Contextual architecture or contexualism is the architecture that responds to the specific physical characteristics of its site. Unlike any specific architectural style, contextualism can be seen as a set of values that define an architectural work in the three aspects of vernacularism, regionalism and critical regionalism, according to

Any site, location or a place includes a number of natural features that characterize it and create the context of the place. In architectural design, all these features should be determined, analyzed and considered in the design process in order to integrate the building into its context.

 In an architectural sense, context can be perceived as the unified whole that gives meaning to the various parts of the building.

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