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Boxed In by a Scarecrow

Boxed In by a Scarecrow Boxed In by a Scarecrow

Mashayekhi Theater House is hosting a stage reading of “The Four Boxes”, a two act play written in 1967 by famous screenwriter and filmmaker Bahram Beyzai.
Directed by Bahram Barkhordari, it is scheduled to be read on stage till the end of the week, reported. 
It is about four persons, each introduced by a specific color: red, yellow, green and black, representing businessmen, intellectuals, religious and ordinary people…Anxious about the potential dangers of life, they set out to make a scarecrow and then arm it to protect them.
The scarecrow comes to life and begins talking, bringing overwhelming joy to the four men. However, it gradually gains power and takes control. The scarecrow makes the four men build four boxes and locks each of the men in a box. 


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