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Banksy’s Cave Painting Will Return to British Museum

Banksy’s Cave Painting Will Return to British MuseumBanksy’s Cave Painting Will Return to British Museum

A fake rock painting by Banksy, an anonymous England-based graffiti artist and political activist, is returning to the British Museum more than a decade after it was planted there as a hoax.

In 2005, Banksy left a cave painting, of a primitive man pushing a shopping trolley, in one of the museum’s galleries and it remained there unnoticed for three days before the visitors felt there was something wrong and the staff was alerted.

Under the name of “Peckham Rock” the artwork was accompanied by an authentic-looking information label, the Irish News reported.

It was only discovered after a museum staff member saw on Banksy’s website that he was challenging people to find the hoax work.

Since being returned to Banksy, the rock has featured in his exhibitions in London and Bristol and is on loan directly from the artist for the upcoming exhibition.

It will go back on display, this time with the institution’s permission, as part of a new exhibition examining objects which challenge the official version of events and defy established narratives.

Titled “I Object,” the exhibit which is slated for September will feature over 100 objects from the museum’s vast collections.



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