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Bolognini’s Short Stories

Bolognini’s Short StoriesBolognini’s Short Stories

Persian rendering of the book Like Wind, Like Wave: Fables from the Land of the Repressed has been released by Tehran-based Mahi Publication.

Translated by Mahyar Alinaqi, the book is the latest by Italian psychiatrist Stefano Bolognini, 69.

The book contains ten essays, in which Bolognini tells exciting stories of his life, from encounters with a giant Caucasian sheepdog and a martial arts master to a journey through a remote Italian village, and elaborates on the experience he has gained, showing his gift for storytelling and remarkable insight, Amazon wrote about the book.

“The brief pieces collected in this volume are as much short stories as they are essays as they are psychoanalytic studies,” American doctor Owen Renik says in the foreword he has written for the book.

Bolognini had previously released two other titles, including Psychoanalytic Empathy (2004) and Secret Passages: The Theory and Technique of Interpsychic Relations (2008).  The Persian translation of the latter was released in Iran by Arjmand Publication in 2014.


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