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New Educative Game for Kids

New Educative Game for KidsNew Educative Game for Kids

A new game to educate kids and adolescents with archeological concepts has been developed by the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT).

The prototype of the game - called ‘Magic Hills’ - has been sent to a national game design competition which is annually held by the prestigious Sharif University, said Leila Kafashzadeh, an educator at the institute who is in charge of educational issues related to children and adolescents, the PR office of RICHT said.

The developers hope that the attention of the competition judges would be drawn to the game and investors would be convinced for its mass production.

Designed for kids between 6 and 15, the game includes “toy hills made of clay which resemble archaeological landscapes. Embedded inside the hills are pieces of ancient objects for kids to explore and discover.”

“Exploring the hills through different steps of the game familiarizes youngsters with the challenges of the job of an archeologist,” Kafashzadeh said.

The kids also experience “how to be patient and resolute before they can reach their goals,” she noted.

 Seven Forms

The game is designed in seven different versions, she said, adding that after completing each version, the “interest of the kids will be elicited in completing the others.”  

Information brochures will be provided in the game package to teach children about the rich Iranian cultural heritage, Kafashzadeh said.

Describing heritage as an integral part of the lives of people, she said preserving the national heritage for future generations is the responsibility of all the people and especially young adults.

The Magic Hills game can be used to teach young children to preserve their heritage, she added.