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Dar ul-Funun Section of FIFF Concluded

A total of 110 cinema students from 32 countries participated  in this year’s workshops.A total of 110 cinema students from 32 countries participated  in this year’s workshops.

The Dar ul-Funun (Talent Campus) section of the 36th Fajr International Film Festival came to a close on Monday, four days before the end of the festival, at Dar ul-Funun in south of Tehran, which is the first modern institution of higher learning in Iran founded in 1851.

This year, 55 students from 31 countries and 55 students from Iran attended seven days of workshops and discussions chaired by acclaimed Iranian and international cineastes about filmmaking, acting, screenwriting and more, the festival website wrote.

Addressing the participants, the director of Iranian Cinema Organization, Mohammad Mehdi Heydarian said, “I look forward to watching your documentaries, short and feature-length movies in this festival and others in the near future”.

Talent Campus Manager Maziar Miri said, “Dar ul-Funun is the oldest vocational school in Iran. The school is (about) 170 years old and we are honored to have named our institution after it. We are making effort to ensure Iranian cinema is both for entertainment and intellectual countenance. I hope you, as future filmmakers, will also contribute to this objective.”

Festival Secretary Reza Mirkarimi had a different message for the students. “Never make a film to appease others. The one who should be appeased is you. Your film should be yours so that you can talk about it. If you believe in what you say, others will also like your film. I hope one day you all will become independent filmmakers.”

The participants of the workshops received the Fajr International Film Festival certificate. FIFF will run through April 27 at Charsou Cineplex, downtown Tehran.


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