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Life in Foreign Lands

Life in Foreign LandsLife in Foreign Lands

Tehran-based Negah Publishing and Bookstore has released a Persian rendering of ‘Strange Pilgrims’ by Noble Prize winner, Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014).
Safdar Taqizadeh has translated the book into Persian from its English version which itself was a translation by Edith Grossman from Spanish, Honaronline reported. The Persian rendering is titled ‘Shab-e Mina’.
It is a collection of twelve loosely related short stories, including ‘Bon Voyage, Mr. President’, ‘The Saint’, ‘Sleeping Beauty and the Airplane’, and ‘I Sell My Dreams’. Each of the stories touches on the theme of dislocation and the oddity of living in a foreign land.
In ‘Bon Voyage, Mr. President’, the first story of the book, an overthrown Latin American president is exiled to Martinique, an overseas region of France in the Caribbean Sea. There he is inflicted with a chronic pain in his ribs. 


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