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Kiarostami Photography at Ankara Art Center

Kiarostami Photography at Ankara Art CenterKiarostami Photography at Ankara Art Center

Acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami will showcase 3 collections of his photography at Ankara’s contemporary arts center Cer Modern in 2015.

Organizer of the ‘Image of the Year & Tassvir Film Festival’ Seifollah Samadian announced the show, adding that the gallery is one of the most prominent arts center in Turkey, allocating its space to outstanding artists to showcase their works, MNA reported.

Kiarostami has become a staple of film festivals and is increasingly adored by film fans across the world. The Cer Modern arts center in Ankara serves as a bridge between the West and the East.

According to Samadian, selected works from the previous 11 editions of the ‘Image of the Year and Tassvir Film Festival’ will go on display at the gallery in 2015 as well.

He also expressed hope to showcase a new addition to the festival titled ‘Our Iran’ in various capital cities around the world.

“With this new addition, we intend to display the true image of Iran through the lens of Iranian photographers and clear any misconceptions the West may hold about Iran,” he added.

Within Cer Modern’s 11,500 sq. m. area are a variety of artistic spaces, including a temporary exhibition gallery, photography gallery, museum shop, conference and multi-purpose lounge, artist residents’ studios, café and a sculpture park.