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Flexible, Multi-Functional Spaces in ‘Small House’

Flexible, Multi-Functional Spaces in ‘Small House’Flexible, Multi-Functional Spaces in ‘Small House’

Architect Masih Fazile has recently designed a narrow residential complex on a small plot, spanning barely 70 square meters in Isfahan, which he believes can be used as a model for other residential projects.

“We tried to break the limits of small apartment units, and in doing so, any space, instead of having a particular function, becomes a multi-functional space,” Design MENA ( quoted Fazile as saying. “All spaces in the building have sun exposure, good view and proper ventilation.”

Known as ‘Small House’ the building is located at 14th Alley, Imam Jafar Sadeq Street, Hezar Jarib Avenue. After the designing, Fazile was the supervising engineer of the project.

Given the dimensional and height restriction of the building, Fazile has tried to separate the spaces by designing sub-spaces with different altitudes in each unit instead of using segregated elements such as walls.

“This way, through establishing a logical connection between spaces and observing the principle of hierarchy, we built flexible and multi-functional spaces,” he said.

A harmonic and friendly space was thus created with optimum lighting. Unused spaces are kept to a minimum, giving room to a variety of spaces. The whole house is sort of a large staircase. The stairs that run throughout the building give a sense of motion and dynamism. Each staircase landing extends into a functional space.  

Plant boxes at different levels give the building a villa quality which can help improve the spirits of the residents.

Fazile’s main purpose in designing ‘Small House’ was to create a model for high-rise buildings “which has a decent quality of life and a positive impact on the interaction of individuals and community members.”

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