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Second Edition of Award-Winning Horror Story

Second Edition of Award-Winning Horror StorySecond Edition of Award-Winning Horror Story

The second edition of ‘The Brotherhood of Mutilation’, a horror story written by Brian Evenson, and translated by Vahidollah Mousavi into Persian will be published by Shourafarin Publication by the end of winter, Artna reported. The first edition came out in summer.

Born in 1966, Brian Evenson is an American academic and writer of both literary and popular fiction. His fiction, often described as literary minimalism but also drawing inspiration from horror, detective fiction, science fiction and continental philosophy, makes frequent use of dark humor and features characters struggling with the limits and consequences of knowledge. He has also written non-fiction, and translated several books by French-language writers into English.

He is known for intelligent, sharp prose that takes what we know of the world and turns it upside down. His works have been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Slovenian. Both ordinary readers and strict critics have praised most of his works.

The award-winning book ‘Last Days’ was first published in 2003 as a limited edition novella titled ‘The Brotherhood of Mutilation’. Its success led Evenson to expand the story into a full-length novel. In doing so, he has created a work that is disturbing, deeply satisfying, and completely original.

‘The Brotherhood of Mutilation’ is about detective Kline who, after losing a hand in a sting operation, finds himself unwillingly dragged into a secret amputation cult, recruited into a strange world in order to solve a crime whose details the self-mutilated members of the cult are strangely reluctant to discuss. As he struggles to unravel the nightmarish dynamics of the society and figure out the crime, he begins to realize that he is profoundly threatened.


‘Last Days’ is the winner of American Library Association/RUSA 2010 Award for outstanding horror novel of the year. Intense and profoundly unsettling, the book is a down-the-rabbit-hole detective novel set in an underground religious cult.

Vahidollah Mousavi is also translating two other books by Evenson which will be published in the near future. ‘Altmann’s Tongue’ and ‘Father of Lies’ are the two works which have both been praised by the public and critics alike, like Evenson’s other works.