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Trendy Message of Peace for Asian Cup 2015

Trendy Message of Peace for Asian Cup 2015Trendy Message of Peace for Asian Cup 2015

International fashion designer, Mahnaz Armin has designed four sets of special outfits for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup 2015, Australia. The leading garment in the collection is named ‘Golestan’ and has been inspired by and features motifs of a pictorial carpet of the same name. It has been created with the goal to globally promote Iranian culture and represents national identity.

The dressmaker, who is active in Islamic fashion design, had also designed a garment inspired by the carpet woven for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Assisting her on the project were the weaver of the carpet Hossein Kazemi-Hamed, as well as the carpet’s sponsor Adel Gheibi. The garment which represented Iranian culture was named ‘Vida’ (life) and was gifted to the ambassador of Brazil, Honaronline reported.

The artist has now attempted to create a dress “which carries cultural significance, supports Iran’s national soccer team, and communicates the voice of Iran.” According to the official website of Iran’s Football Federation, it carries a message of peace and friendship and will be gifted symbolically on behalf of Iranian women to the world’s society of athletes.

  Simple Design

After having designed a garment for World Cup 2014, talks were held with Iran’s Football Federation. The cultural affairs office of the federation, with the collaboration of Kazemi and Gheibi and also Touraj Jooleh (original designer of the carpet) submitted the pattern to the fashion designer. The design incorporates the carpet’s motifs. On completion, the design was submitted to be registered by the Fashion and Clothing Foundation.

The main aim of the dressmaker was to create a simplistic design. The primary colors used are red and azure representing the prominent colors in the flags of Iran and Australia. For a loose fitting cut the skirt has been pleated. The azure and red colors come together in the pleats representing the solidarity between the two nations. The flags of all the Asian nations have been fitted in the collar of the garment.  

The fashion designer will also design 18 garments tailored for men and women on the occasion of World Cup 2018 in Russia. The design group of the fashion house of Farshineh Cultural and Artistic Institute are currently researching the project and consulting Russian cultural advisors.