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Drones Hover Over D&G Runway

At the beginning of the show, eight drones emerged carrying an array At the beginning of the show, eight drones emerged carrying an array

At a recent Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show on Feb. 25 in Milan, drones joined the usual models walking the runway.

Dolce & Gabbana replaced its usual parade of millennial models with drones, which whizzed down the runway carrying fall 2018 handbags, wrote.

At the beginning of the show, eight drones emerged from a large set of doors carrying an array of colorful handbags. The drone portion of the show only lasted around three minutes, then human models proceeded to walk the runway.

Prior to the start of the show, audience members were asked to turn off the Wi-Fi of their phones–a comically impossible task for a room full of influencers made famous by the Internet.

After about 45 minutes of waiting, a voice on the loudspeaker started calling out the usernames of guests who still hadn’t unplugged, like a school principal summoning delinquents to her office. The theme of the show was “Fashion Devotion,” with themes like angels.

Finally, the golden gates opened to reveal the need for clear airwaves: drones. Several boxy, leather Dolce & Gabbana fall 2018 handbags hanging on drones floated past, eliciting gasps from the audience. In the real world, drones can be a serious threat, but Dolce & Gabbana did not seem worried.

The event was everything one might expect from a Dolce & Gabbana show, which is to say it was a spectacle of Italian extravagance.

For at least 10 minutes, the audience was, in fact, devoted to fashion. But when the lights came back on, so too did everyone’s Wi-Fi.

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