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Tehran-Kabul to Boost Cultural Cooperation

Tehran-Kabul to Boost Cultural CooperationTehran-Kabul to Boost Cultural Cooperation

Iranian and Afghan cultural officials called for enhancement of Tehran-Kabul ties, especially in the media sector.

In a meeting between Iranian Deputy Culture Minister Hossein Entezami and his Afghan counterpart Simin Hassanzadeh on Sunday, the two officials exchanged views on ways to promote mutual cooperation in cultural arenas, FNA reported.

They also called for establishment of an association of Persian speaking news agencies and underlined the need for common use of cultural heritage which both countries enjoy.

Entezami pointed out that exchanges of publications between the print media of the two neighbors can be effective to promote cultural interaction.

Hassanzadeh, for her part, called on Iran to offer professional training to Afghan reporters.

Iran is one of the most important donors to Afghanistan, which has kept its promises to help in the reconstruction of the war-ravaged country. Iran has built several roads, power transmission lines, border stations and many other infrastructure projects to better link the two nations.