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Entezami: Job Security for Journalists Essential

Entezami: Job Security for Journalists EssentialEntezami: Job Security for Journalists Essential

Journalists, people of the press and media outlets should have the security of their jobs and career, a senior official at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance said late Saturday.

In a meeting with media people from Tehran Province, Hussein Entezami, the deputy minister of culture for press affairs said, “career security is by far more important than job security.”

Distinguishing between the two, he said “the security of careers is subject to specific capabilities of individuals for which the organizations hire them.”  Article 46 of Press Law requires the license owners and managing directors of the press to provide all their employees with insurance, so that should the publication close either due to a court order or a decision by the Press Supervisory Board, or for any other reason, they should receive a lawful salary in accordance with stipulations outlined in the labor law.

On the long-pending problems related to the insurance of journalists, he said no database for journalists is presently available and “one such database is being set up” to look into their social and medical insurance needs.

Entezami emphasized the role of the press/media institutions in providing insurance to their employees, “rather than waiting for the government to do the job because in the latter case their career independence could be compromised.”

 Opportunity for Local Media

Referring to the advantages of the local (community) media over the national media, Entezami said the changing global patterns in the media world can be seen as an opportunity for the former.

“The national media, which is mostly run on (old) traditional management concepts, will face challenges as a result of the winds of change.” Referring to strategic management as a way for making use of advantages to create opportunities, he advised media managers and journalists in the local media to “be cognizant of their capacities and potentials, and focus on their distinct features to be able to “distance themselves from clichés.”

  News Websites

News websites are required to be licensed by the Press Supervisory Board, the deputy minister told the meeting.

“Fortunately, the process of applying for a license can now be done online,” and the waiting time has been now reduced to between 14-20 days. All requests that were received and registered before May 2014 have already been dealt with by the special board, and “so far 450 news websites have been okayed by the board.”