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Shortest Filming Duration Seeks Guinness Record

Shortest Filming Duration Seeks Guinness RecordShortest Filming Duration Seeks Guinness Record

Creators of the ‘The Laughs of Atoosa’ are considering registering the film in the Guinness World Records for the shortest period of shooting, having shot the movie in just four days.

Directed by Alireza Farid and produced by Amir Pourkian, the filming started November 27 and concluded four days later on November 30, Cinemapress reported.

Calling it “an unprecedented instance in the history of filmmaking,” the movie producer announced that they would send an email to the Guinness office so that in presence of the official representative in Iran, the record would be registered.

The entire movie is set on a train coach with all the actors on board, and the story is about the passengers travelling from Tehran, Iran to Istanbul, Turkey. Pourkian had previously said that the pre-production stage had taken three months so that “with a programmed plan, the filming could be done in four days.”

A number of well-known actors including Baran Kosari, Pejman Bazeghi, Mohammadreza Foroutan have acted in the film.

The film has recently been delivered to the Fajr Film Festival secretariat, and if approved by the selection committee, will be screened during the festival in early February.