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Meeting on Progression of Urban Designs and Society

Meeting on Progression of Urban Designs and Society
Meeting on Progression of Urban Designs and Society

Urban Planning Society of Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran is organizing a book reading and debate session on ‘Companion to Urban Design.’

The reference book is edited by US-based researcher in design and planning of built environment Tridib Banerjee and Greek researcher in public urban environment Anastasia Loukaitou Sideris. Both authors have special focus on the impact of urban development on humans and society.

Slated for February 25, the meeting will be attended by Seyyed Mehdi Khatami, faculty member of Tarbiat Modares University, and Navid Pour-Mohammadreza, translator of the book into Persian, reported. 

The meeting will be hosted by Vartan House, a conference center located at No. 514, Taleqani Street, west of Felestin (Palestine) Square.

Companion to Urban Design includes 50 plus original articles from internationally recognized authorities in the field. The contributions address the following questions: What are the important ideas that have shaped the field and the current practice of urban design? What are the major methods and processes that have influenced the practice of urban design at various stages? What are the current innovations relevant to the pedagogy of urban design? What are the lingering debates, conflicts and contradictions in the theory and practice of urban design? How could urban design respond to the contemporary challenges of climate change, sustainability, active living initiatives, globalization, and the likes? What are the significant disciplinary influences on the theory, research and practice of urban design in recent times?

The book is an authoritative and comprehensive guide that includes core, foundational and pioneering ideas and concepts of urban design. It serves as a guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students, future professionals, and practitioners interested in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban studies, urban affairs, geography and related fields.

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