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Ghazzali Cinema Town

Ghazzali Cinema TownGhazzali Cinema Town

Ghazzali Cinema Town, 14km west of Tehran is the destination of a short trip planned on Friday by Tiwall (, the known ticket provider and platform for cultural events.

Affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and covering an area of 10 hectares, the cinema town was established in 1971. It comprises buildings, streets and places which are created by referring to historical photographs and drawings.

The tourists will travel back to the 1950’s and visit Toopkhaneh Square and the old building of Tehran Municipality in its splendor.

Skipping 10 years, a few meters down the site, visitors will see Moniriyeh Square of the 1960s. They will be taken farther away to see a replica of the city of Nazareth, a set made for the TV series of ‘Saint Mary’ (2000), written and directed by Shahryar Bahrani.

The program runs from 11 am to 4 pm and will include a live music performance.

Ghazzali Cinema Town has three major sections, first of which includes Lalezar Street, Tehran Municipality building and Toopkhaneh Square.

Another section covers the ancient districts of Tehran such as Oudlajan, Pamenar and the Grand Bazaar.

The third incorporates vast settings for the production of TV series, namely Sarbedaran and Saint Mary.


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