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Jami Manuscript on Display

Jami Manuscript on DisplayJami Manuscript on Display

An ancient manuscript of ‘Diwanha-ye Seganeh’ (Triplet Divans) by Persian poet Abd-ol-Rahman Jami (1414-1492) is on display for the first time at a book exhibition at the private library of Niavaran Palace Complex in north Tehran. 

The calligraphy book dates back to the late 17th century written in nastaliq (one of the main Persian calligraphic styles) by master calligrapher Mirza Abdollah Bokhari, Mehr News Agency reported.

First few pages of the book are designed with illuminations by Mirza Abdolrahim Keshmiri, a master of Persian painting. 

The pictured manuscript is in Octavo size 15cmx20cm (known as small Vaziri size in Persian).

Jami is known for his achievements as a prolific scholar and writer of mystical literature. He was primarily a prominent poet-theologist, recognized for his eloquence. His most famous poetic works are Haft Awrang as well as Layla and Majnun.

Inaugurated in 1994, Niavaran library is home to about 23,000 books, mostly in Persian and French languages, with a big share of books specialized in philosophy.

The newly unveiled book will be on view until February 19 at Niavaran Complex, located at Shahid Bahonar Square.

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