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Out of Compulsion

Out of CompulsionOut of Compulsion

Shahrzad Theater House will be hosting an adaptation of the play ‘Señora Carrar’s Rifles’ from February 9.

Señora Carrar’s Rifles is a one-act play by the twentieth-century German dramatist Bertolt Brecht, written in collaboration with German actress Margarete Steffin.

Berecht’s story is set in Spain during the height of the Civil War. Señora Carrar, wife of a deceased fisherman hopes to insulate her boys from fighting, believing she can keep her head down, sew nets and send the boats out, and the war would not touch them. But tragedy strikes her eldest son who is gone fishing, forcing her to rethink her position of non-engagement in the internal strife.

Seyyed Mehdi Shojaei, the play’s director has rewritten the play and  made some changes to the story, Honaronline reported.

Amirhossein Fat’hi, Misaq Zare, Banipal Shoumoun, Elham Sha’bani, Morvarid Jafari, Fatima Baharmast and Sina Razani are in the cast.

The theater is located at the intersection of Neauphle-le-Chateau and Razi streets.


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