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On Death Row

On Death Row  On Death Row

The play ‘Eighteen’ is on stage at Iranian Artists Forum. The 18-year-old Majid is on death row and has three days before being hanged for a murder he committed accidently out of anger a couple of years ago. His family struggles to convince the victim’s near and dear ones to forgo their right to sue and have mercy on their teenage son.

Directed by Masoud Torabi, the play has Atash Taghipour, Alireza Hanifi, Mehri Al-Agha, Niloufar Javadpour, Saeed Salemi, Hoda Ahangar, Shima Asadi and Hossein Milani in the cast.

Saeed Torabi accompanies the performers as singer while Arash Navaei plays the music, reported.

The venue located at the southern side of Honarmandan (Artists) Park, N. Mousavi St., Taleqani Avenue, will host the performance through February 21.

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