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Crime in Mental Asylum

Crime in Mental AsylumCrime in Mental Asylum

The play ‘An Insane in the Box’ directed by Romina Ilmak Foroush is to have its first performance on Sunday at Arghanoun Mansion, and will remain on stage till February 21.

Penned by Behrouz Baqaei the work narrates the story of a psychology student who goes to a mental asylum to complete her internship. There she witnesses one of the patients being beaten severely by the nurses and slip into a coma. However, she has no evidence to prove the criminal act.

According to the cast includes Abbas Abolqasemi, Mahta Charmi, Mahla Charmi, Ehsan Forouzesh, Farhad Qotbi, Hamed Kavyaninasab, Alireza Manouchehri as well as the director.

The mansion is at No.1, Ziba Alley, Neauphle-le- Chateau St., Hafez Ave.

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