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Understanding Oudlajan

Understanding OudlajanUnderstanding Oudlajan

Zhiwaar Travel Agency has organized a one-day tour of old neighborhoods in south Tehran including Oudlajan, a haven for immigrants and religious minorities.

It is slated for Friday 9 am near Dr. Sapir Hospital and Charity Center on Mostafa Khomeini Street, between Amir Kabir and 15-Khordad streets.

Sapir Hospital opened in 1942 and is named after one of its first physicians Ruhollah Sapir who dedicated his life to the campaign against typhus and died of the disease himself.

In essence the tour is sort of a walking exercise. Visitors will be guided through the old streets and alleyways of Oudlajan and briefed on its main attractions. The bathhouse of Keshvarieh is one of the sites to be visited.

The neighborhood is surrounded by the streets of Pamenar, Mostafa Khomeini, Amir Kabir and 15-Khordad.

Lunch will be the traditional stew ‘dizi’. The serving restaurant Timcheh Akbarian was once a bank said to have been established 260 years ago. It was revamped into a restaurant in the last years of the Pahlavi era (1925-1979).

The program ends at 3 pm. Details are available at

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