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Celebrating Gentle Side of Winter

Celebrating Gentle   Side of WinterCelebrating Gentle   Side of Winter

Since times immemorial, Iranians divide winter into the so-called Greater Chelleh and Lesser Chelleh. The former, which is the coldest part of the year is just over. Now it is the time of Lesser Chelleh, a milder part of the winter from January 30 to February 20.

Zhiwaar Travel Agency is taking enthusiasts to a celebration of the Lesser Chelleh in the city of Kashan, Isfahan Province. It is a two-day tour starting Thursday early morning.

In addition to the ancient ceremony, which includes the pseudo-drama of Kouseh-Galin, ethnic games and other festive and dinging events, the itinerary includes visits to the bazaar, old town and Toy Museum along with the Abuzeydabad Desert outside the city. More information is available at

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