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Yaghmai Concerts in March With Canadian Musicians

Yaghmai Concerts in March With Canadian MusiciansYaghmai Concerts in March With Canadian Musicians

Composer, guitarist and singer Kaveh Yaghmai is to give two concerts in Tehran with a group of Canadian musicians.

At the concert, Kaveh, 49, will be accompanied by his wife Niloofar Farzandshad, 45, who plays the keyboard. Other musicians are Canadian-born and include guitarist Brian Poulsen, the US-based drummer Shane Gaalaas and bass guitarist David Spidel.  

The concerts are slated for March 8 (two performances) at Milad Hall of Tehran Expo Center off Chamran Expressway. Tickets are available at

Kaveh is the son of famous singer and musician Kourosh Yaghmai, 71, who started his career in the 1970’s and is generally known as the first person who officially played rock in Iran.  Under the tutelage of his father, Kaveh learned to play rock. He now teaches electric guitar at the College of Music, Tehran University of Art. His first album ‘Scarecrow’ was released in 2003, the second ‘Cold Silence’ was released in 2008 and the third ‘The Prism’ came out in 2016.

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