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Polish Film Week at TMoCA

Screenshots from ‘Essential Killing’ (L) and ‘The Magic Mountain’Screenshots from ‘Essential Killing’ (L) and ‘The Magic Mountain’

The cinematheque of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Poland’s Embassy in Tehran will dedicate a week to screen films from that country.

Slated for January 27-February 1, the event will be showing six films to help introduce Polish films to the Iranian audience, ISNA reported.

First to be screened is the animated drama biography ‘Magic Mountain’ directed by Anca Damian.

A 2015 production, it tells the story of a Polish anti-communist who in the 1980s fought against the Soviet Union during its invasion and occupation of impoverished Afghanistan along with the popular and powerful Afghan political and military leader Ahmad Shah Masoud, who was assassinated in 2002.

On the second day the work of film and theater director and screenwriter Feliks Falk titled ‘The Collector’ will be shown.

This film was the Polish submission to the 2005 Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The drama centers on a cold-hearted debt collector named Lucjan Bohme in the post-industrial society of a Silesian town. Silesia is a region in Central Europe located mostly in Poland, with small parts in the Czech Republic and Germany.

The ruthless debt collector’s untiring job dedication in a land of unemployment and misery triggers rage, hate, heartbreak and even suicide.

‘Essential Killing’ by director, screenwriter, dramatist and actor Jerzy Skolimowski is another film to be screened at the TMoCA.

In the film a Taliban soldier struggles to survive after he escapes his captors and flees into the Polish countryside.

The Polish film week will conclude on February 1 by screening two films: ‘Carte Blanche’ and ‘Blindness’.

Carte Blanche (meaning white paper), written and directed by Jacek Lusinski, is a feel-good movie inspired by a true story.

The 2015 romance drama narrates the story of Kacper, a high-school history teacher, who is losing his eyesight and tries to hide it from everyone.

Blindness, released in 2016, is a tense, metaphysical drama written and directed by Ryszard Bugajski.

In the movie, Bugajski visualizes an obscure episode from the life of Julia Brystiger, a criminal who cruelly tortured prisoners in Poland until the 1960s when she rejected communism and sought forgiveness.

Entry for the public is free.

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