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‘Resistance’ Focus of Film Festival

‘Resistance’ Focus  of Film Festival ‘Resistance’ Focus  of Film Festival

The 13th International Resistance Film Festival (IRFF) is scheduled to be held during the Sacred Defense Week (September 22 – 29) in Iran this year.

The festival, organized by the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinematic Community, comprises three sections: International Competition, Imad Moqniyeh Award, and Outlook of Iran’s Resistance Cinema in the World, the public relations office of the festival announced.

The 2014 festival has a special focus on “Resistance, Wisdom and Prosperity”. However, the movies submitted include a wide range of themes, some of which are: exposing the US and Zionist crimes in the world; role of the US and Zionism in sectarianism and expansion of Takfiri groups; regional and worldwide spread of the Islamic Awakening; efforts by Muslims to revive Islamic identity and respond to Islamophobia and Iranophobia; a world free of terrorism and nuclear weapons; and role of Zionism and Wahhabism in desecration of Muslim beliefs and Prophets.

Filmmakers from around the world have warmly welcomed this year’s festival. Hundreds of movies have been received by the festival secretariat and submissions still continue. The movies submitted further fall into three categories of feature films, short films and documentaries. The selection committee of the festival is still viewing the entries and has not yet decided on the final movies for screening in the competition. The best three movies in each category will be awarded at the end of the festival.

Besides, conferences and meetings on the themes of the festival will also be held in Tehran.