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Heroic Legends of Iran Coming in 2 Volumes

Heroic Legends of Iran Coming  in 2 VolumesHeroic Legends of Iran Coming  in 2 Volumes

Researcher in Iranian folklore Hassan Zolfaqari, 51, has edited the 2-volume work ‘Heroic Legends of Iran’ in collaboration with literary researcher Bahador Baqeri, 49. “My latest work is ‘Heroic Legends of Iran’ which I completed in cooperation with Bahador Baqeri. It is based on a joint research project and is ready for publication,” Zolfaqari told Mehr News Agency. “The books contain a total of 60 legends retrieved from Iranian literature in poetry and prose starting from the time of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (Book of Kings, written between 977 and 1010) and ending in the Qajar era (1785-1925).” Each entry begins with an introduction followed by a series of data on the legend, Zolfaqari explained. “Each legend comes with reviews on its language, means of expression, narrative elements, motifs, contents, literary traits and characteristics, folkloric aspects, popularity and influence.” Brief plots will show readers the overall stories of the legends. Also included in the work is information about those who passed the legends onto later generations. “The book starts with the myth of Garshasp,” Zolfaqari said. In the Zoroastrian religious text Avesta, Garshasp appears as the slayer of ferocious monsters. “It must of course be noted that the legends don’t come in chronological order … The work includes two major chapters of prose and poetry … It is the result of eight years of research,” Zolfaqari was quoted as saying. He did not mention the name of the publisher, but said that it is a private publishing house.


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