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Southern Folklore Music

Southern Folklore MusicSouthern Folklore Music

Niavaran Cultural Center is to dedicate one night to musicians from the southern regions.

Slated for January 27, the event includes two separate performances by two bands.

The night will begin with the performance of Qanbar Rastgou (aka Khalou Qanbar), Makan Ashgvari and Amir Saremi, reported.

Qanbar is a distinguished player of jofti, a particular variety of the double-flute that is played by Iranian southerners in Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf.

The second performance will be held by Damahi Band that is well known for its fusion pieces.

Founded in 2014 by Dara Daraei, Damahi incorporates the elements of Iranian folk music with jazz, rock, flamenco, Indian music and other styles.

Members of the band include bass player and leader Hamzeh Yeganeh, keyboard and banjo player Ebrahim Alavi and guitar and oud player Shayan Fat’hi. Reza Koulaghani is the vocalist.


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