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Paintings of Mount Bisotoun at Assar Gallery

Paintings of Mount Bisotoun at Assar GalleryPaintings of Mount Bisotoun at Assar Gallery

Assar Art Gallery in Tehran is holding an exhibition of paintings by Javad Modarresi. The ‘Bisotoun’ exhibit consists of seven works depicting different parts of Mount Bisotoun in western Iran, Honaronline reported.  The works are created by using oil on large-size canvas. In some, the artist has used materials such as charcoal to add shadings in the texture of the mountain.  Mount Bisotoun is in the Zagros Mountains range, located in Kermanshah Province, 525km west of Tehran. It is well known for the famous Bisotoun Inscription and rock relief in which the great Achaemenian King Darius the Great had the narratives of his exploits carved out around 500 BC. Located at No. 16, Barforoushan Alley, Iranshahr Street, the gallery will show Modarresi’s paintings till January 27.


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