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Contentious Sisters

 A scene from ‘The Eyes’ A scene from ‘The Eyes’

Bahar Mahmoudzadeh will stage the one-act play ‘The Eyes’ on January 22 at Shahrzad Theater.

Written by Masoud Hasheminejad, it is a tale of two sisters living together in a heavily war-ravaged city. Due to a chronic psychological fear, the elder sister has imprisoned herself in the house for years and has never stepped out. The younger sister does archive work in an office. The struggle of the story begins when the younger sister meets a man arriving from a long trip. As he has nowhere to spend the night, she offers him,  out of pity, to stay over at their house.

The two sisters get into a fight as the younger has taken an instant crush towards the stranger. However, he seems to like the other sister.

Black, red and white are the only colors used in the set design as well as the actors’ outfits. It is a sort of tragedy that can also be considered a philosophical drama as it is based on fundamental thoughts about life and poses  some serious questions to the viewers.

Shabnam Qolikhani, Elaheh Shah-Parast and Mehdi Mahani are in the cast, reported.

Apart from the three main characters, three other actors will appear on stage but without having any dialogues. They will be dressed totally in black except for their white gloves and masks, so the viewers can almost only see the movement of their gloves and masks.

Even though they have no dialogue in the play, their movements around the main characters add a dramatic and mysterious effect to the performance.


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