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Ubayd Zakani’s Prose and Verse in Tajikistan

Ubayd Zakani’s Prose and Verse in TajikistanUbayd Zakani’s Prose and Verse in Tajikistan

Selected excerpts from ‘Lata’ef,’ humorous works composed in prose and verse, by Persian poet and satirist Ubayd Zakani (1300-1371) have been published in a bilingual book of Persian and Cyrillic with commentaries in Cyrillic.

‘Selected Pieces from Ubayd Zakani’s Lata’ef and Commentaries’ is the name of the book published in 160 pages, by the Persian-Tajik Cultural Research Institute at Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe. The institute is affiliated to Sa’di Foundation (based in Tehran), according to its website

The book includes satirical works deemed appropriate for young adults and students. It is written and compiled by Tajik literary researcher Professor Sharif-Morad Israfilnia under the editorship of Hassan Qaribi, head of the Persian-Tajik Cultural Research Institute.


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