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50 Nations in Qur’an Contest

50 Nations in Qur’an Contest50 Nations in Qur’an Contest

Members of the jury panel of the 5th International Holy Qur’an Competition for Muslim Students paid a visit to the Dar Al-Qur’an Organization in Tehran on Tuesday.

Said Agil Husin Al Munawar from Indonesia, Taha Mohammad Abdolvahab from Egypt, Khalil Adel Khalil from Lebanon and Ishak Danis from Turkey were accompanied by the organization’s deputy for supervising Qur’an printing and publication Ahmad Hajisharif.

The visitors learned about the different activities of the organization, IQNA reported. A number of students from different countries, who are in Tehran to take part in the competition, also toured the complex.

The international Qur’an contest is scheduled to kick off on Thursday at Tehran’s Milad Tower.

Representatives of over 50 countries will compete in different categories of the competition, which will run until January 4.