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46,000 Religious Books to Be Showcased in Qom

46,000 Religious Books to Be Showcased in Qom46,000 Religious Books to Be Showcased in Qom

A total of 200 publishers from the Islamic world will come together from January 1-11 at the 4th Specialized Book Fair in Qom to present the latest religious books.

In all, 46,000 books from 49 publishers from Arabic countries including Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, as well as 152 publishers from Qom Province will be showcased at the event, Tasnim news agency reported.

The book fair is a fruit of collaboration between the provincial cultural deputy office at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance, the cooperative of Qom publishers, and the association of Qom publishers.

The fair will exhibit 13,400 books from foreign publishers alongside 32,000 issues from Iran.

Special meetings on issues of religious international publishing, presentation of the latest achievements, and exchange of copyrights are on the agenda.