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Jordac Commemorated

Jordac Commemorated
Jordac Commemorated

One of the privileges of Islam is its promotion of the scientific mentality and opening the gates of the sciences to world thinkers, director of Iran Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries Mehdi Mohaghegh said on Tuesday in Tehran.  

Speaking at the commemoration ceremony of the late Lebanese author George Jordac, Mohaghegh said, “If a religion pays no attention to the sciences, it will lead nowhere.  Encouraging Muslims and the world thinkers to gain knowledge is an exclusive characteristic of our divine religion, Islam.”

He said Christians today have positively affected the Islamic thinkers with their scientific development, which is a point that should be deeply contemplated, “as their share in Islamic culture and civilization is very great.”

A number of Iranian and Lebanese experts attended the event which honored the scientific personality of Jordac, a Christian thinker and researcher, who compiled a book on Imam Ali (AS) praising the exalted personality of the first Shiite Imam.

Mohaghegh said “Jordac is a beloved of the Shiite Muslim world for many years due to the compiling of the book.”

  Great Fame

The Lebanese writer was born in the year 1926 and gained great fame after writing his book, ‘Ali, Voice of Human Justice’. He passed away on November 5, 2014.

Jordac was also a prominent media activist and analyst in Al-Sayyad Al-Shabaka, and Al-Kiffah al-Arabi magazines. He was professor of literature and Islamic philosophy in Islamic University of Beirut, and a frequent guest in Lebanese Radio and Television.

Among 30 works, his most important were on Imam Ali (AS) including ‘The Voice of Human Justice’ (in 5 volumes), ‘Ali and Human Rights’, ‘Ali and the French Revolution’, ‘Ali and Socrates’, ‘Ali and His life and Times’, and ‘Ali and Arab Ethnicity’.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, an exhibition of Jordac’s photos, letters and manuscripts was also held.