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At his latest exhibition, painter Javad Modarresi, 39, has depicted Mount Behistun (Bisotun) in Kermanshah Province, western Iran.

On display are the latest series of his works and he has returned to nature painting after years of drawing and painting cityscapes.

By choosing a mountain with so many inscriptions and architectural features, the painter has brought his past experience to the fore.

 Bisotun is located along the ancient trade route linking the Iranian high plateau with Mesopotamia and features remains from the prehistoric times to the Median (8th-7th centuries BC), Achaemenid (6th-4th centuries BC), Sassanid (224-651 AD) and Ilkhanid (1256-1353) periods.

The show opened on January 5 and will run through January 26 at Assar Art Gallery located at No 16, Barforushan Alley, Iranshahr Street, Karimkhan Blvd, reported.


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