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Series Based on Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Series Based on Philip K. Dick’s Electric DreamsSeries Based on Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Amazon electronic commerce company, in partnership with Channel 4 in Britain and Sony Pictures Television, is going to produce an anthology series based on the work of sci-fi legendary writer Philip K. Dick, ‘Electric Dreams.’

The production would be Amazon’s response to Netflix’s lockdown of Black Mirror series. The series will consist of ten stand-alone stories, but while Black Mirror focuses on the world’s dependence on technology, Electric Dreams aspires to tell stories about being human in an increasingly high-tech future.

Boasting an interesting cast with the likes of Janelle Monae, Bryan Cranston, and Steve Buscemi, and with a different writer and director taking on each episode, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams has some serious potential to open up the new year with great science fiction, Vulture magazine ( reported.

 All 10 episodes will be made available to Amazon Prime subscribers on Jan. 12. The timing couldn’t be better. The series grapple with questions evermore relevant in our increasingly technologically augmented times.


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