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1 Night, 2 Heavy Metals

1 Night, 2 Heavy Metals1 Night, 2 Heavy Metals

Two metal bands ‘5 Grams’ and ‘Avesta’ will perform on Saturday night at Paytakht Theater.

Founded in 2000, Avesta is the elder of the two bands. Its members are drummer Shervin Zahedi, guitarist and singer Arash Shafiee, bassist Saeed Dalaee and guitarist Shahram Pouladvar. They will present pieces in the genre of thrash and heavy metal.

‘5 Grams’ will perform a more progressive version of thrash music, dealing with concepts such as inner struggle and afterlife. Some of their works are characterized as ‘gothic metal.’

Yashar Mojtahedzadeh plays percussion and Pouyan Madadi is on lead guitar, accompanied by guitarist Aydin Hassanzadeh and bassist Mohammad Hallaji.

Tickets are available at Paytakht Theater is located at No. 542, Taleqani Street, near Felestin (Palestine) Square, between Sarparast and Fariman streets.

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