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French Author to Sign His Translated Book in Tehran

French Author to Sign His Translated Book in Tehran French Author to Sign His Translated Book in Tehran

French playwright Enzo Cormann will attend a book signing ceremony of one of his books translated into Persian at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

Organized by Nimaj Publication, the ceremony marks the unveiling of the first three books by French playwrights released by the Tehran-based publisher, ISNA reported.

Ziba Khadem-Haqiqat, 47, has rendered two books by Cormann into Persian that have been printed in a single volume. She has translated the titles ‘The Other: Three Explanations’ (originally published in 2006) and ‘Credo Followed by the Ranger’ (1982). The Persian version has been published under the title ‘The Other, I Believe’.

The two other books to be unveiled at the ceremony have also been translated by Khadem-Haqiqat. One is ‘ Bal-Trap: A Desire to Kill on the Tip of the Tongue’ written by French writer and director Xavier Durringer, 54, in 2010. The other is ‘Complete Theater’ by French actor, theater director and playwright Jean-Luc Lagarce (1957-1995) written in 1977. The latter has been printed in Persian under the title ‘Right at the End of the World and a Love Story’.

Also a theater director, poet and teacher Cormann, 64, lives in Saillans, Drôme, France. He is the author of 30 plays and texts.

The unveiling and book signing ceremony will be attended by acclaimed Iranian figures Hamid Amjad, 49, playwright, theater director and researcher; Asghar Nouri, 41, playwright, theater director and translator; and playwright Mohammad-Amir Yar-Ahmadi as well as French playwright, novelist and actor Luc Tartar who has written two novels and 20 plays. He has won several awards for his works.

Cormann, Amjad, Nouri, Yar-Ahmadi and Tartar will hold panels on dramatic literature on January 4-5 at the IAF, located in Artists Park on Iranshahr Street.

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