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Paintings of War Veteran on Display in Ahwaz

Paintings of War Veteran on Display in AhwazPaintings of War Veteran on Display in Ahwaz

Renowned master painter Hashem Badri, 71, is holding a solo exhibition in the city of Ahwaz, Khuzestan Province, where he lives and works.

Badri is a war veteran and an artist. His legs were injured in 1981 during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, “but the pain and suffering gave me inspiration to create,” Honaronline reported him as saying.

The plight of disabled war veterans and his own determination and resilience helped him create unique and beautiful artworks.

Badri registered his art style in France in 1995. The French now call his style of painting, “Badrism” and teach it. His primary tool is a palette knife and the ‘tree’ is the subject of a major part of his works.

“I spent most of my free time painting with a palette knife,” he said, adding that most of his relatives are plasterers and work with a trowel or the spatula. Inspired by their line of work, he picked up the palette knife, applied the paint with it on canvas and created a new style of painting.

Trees, leaves and natural elements can be seen in plenty in his works. “I’m so close to nature. I even speak with trees and see them in my dreams.” The strong rapport with nature is evident in his paintings. The exhibit is organized under the auspices of Garden Art Institute based in Ahwaz and is held at ‘28’ Café Gallery located at Helal Cinema on Kianpars district.

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