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Graphis Gold Award for ‘Immortality’ Poster

Graphis Gold Award for ‘Immortality’ PosterGraphis Gold Award for ‘Immortality’ Poster

Graphis Competitions, organized by the New York-based institute of Graphis, granted its 2017 Advertising Annual Gold Award to Iranian graphic artist and cartoonist, Alireza Nosrati, for designing the poster of the feature film ‘Immortality,’ directed by Mehdi Fard-Qaderi.

According to, the 145-minute movie is a portrait of six families in different cars of a train at a rainy night and offers insight into the lives of Iranians. The film was made in a single shot without edits.

Nosrati’s poster depicts a train twisted and looped in the form of a lemniscate, a sideways figure eight representing the concept of infinity.

An English translation of a verse by Persian polymath Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) adds a philosophical touch to the poster: “As if nothing in the world really exists; as if what isn’t really is.”

Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in design, advertising, photography and illustration. In addition to the platinum, gold and silver winners, Graphis also embraces rising talent, all of whom have an equal archive presentation.

In the annual issue of Graphis book, platinum and gold winners receive full-page exposure, and silver and merit winners are also presented. Up to 500 entries in each category are included in the online archive for future reference.


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