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Calligraphy Paintings at Mojdeh Gallery

Calligraphy Paintings at Mojdeh Gallery
Calligraphy Paintings at Mojdeh Gallery

Afrouz Houshang will hold a calligraphy painting exhibition he calls ‘Abyss’, featuring eleven of his works at Mojdeh Art Gallery in Tehran on December 15.

Houshang says “In the collection I have tried to present the term ‘existence’ as a manifestation of ‘being’ and employ different compositions to emphasize its various dimensions.”

He believes his works are greatly influenced by Hakim Omar Khayyam as “I have been studying the personality of Khayyam for six years”. Khayyam (1048-1131) was an accomplished Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer. His poetry became widely known to the English-reading world thanks to translations by Edward Fitzgerald.

The artist has years of experience with calligraphy and in the recent years has focused on calligram which is the art of visually arranging a text so that it forms an image. He started her early works with classic calligraphy and later moved to nasta’liq.

Nasta’liq is one of the main calligraphic forms in Persian script and a predominant style in Persian calligraphy.

‘Abyss’ will be open from 4-8pm at Mojdeh gallery located at No.27, Eastern 18th St., North Allameh Ave., Sa’adatabad neighborhood.


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