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Indian Notes Echo at Vahdat Hall

Indian Notes Echo at Vahdat HallIndian Notes Echo at Vahdat Hall

Sunday night, Tehran’s Vahdat Hall was host to a performance by the famous Indian musician Moinuddin Khan and his group.

Accompanying the musician was his son Mohsen Khan who rendered songs and played along with his father. The rest of the band comprised his music disciples.

Most of the pieces performed on the stage were mystic songs including one in praise of Imam Ali (AS). Another piece was an Indian instrumental played for “the relaxation of soul and mind.”

The audiences, many of whom were Indians living in Tehran, “enjoyed the performance very much,” YJC reported.

Moinuddin Khan is a veteran Indian classical instrumentalist and vocalist, who plays the sarangi (Indian stringed instrument). He was brought up in a traditional family of musicians where almost everyone has been involved in music for 300 years.

Over the years he has given solo performances, on radio and television channels in India. He has also performed at concerts in France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and other European countries.

Khan has won several state-level and national-level awards during his career. He also teaches sarangi, violin, and Hindustani classical singing to his disciples.