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Kolbeh Tour, a travel agency in the city of Minudasht, Golestan Province, has organized a cultural tour to Bastam District, Semnan Province.

Slated for December 14-15, the tour is accompanied by philosopher, sociologist, author, poet and expert in comparative mysticism Abdolhamid Ziai, 42.

Thursday midday the tour leaves Argentina Square in north Tehran to arrive at an eco-lodge in Kalateh Khij by night. Kalateh Khij is a city in Bastam District, Shahrud County, Semnan.  After dinner the group will get ready for Ziai’s talk on mysticism, mystic music and Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, scholar and mystic. That will be followed by live music. It will be a group performance and visitors are welcome to bring their instruments.

On Friday two visits are planned: one to the tomb of poet Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani (963-1033) located on a hill north of Kharaqan Village; and one to the tomb of 9th century Sufi Bayazid Bastami, known as Sultan-ul-Arifin (king of mystics) in the vicinity of Shahrud. Registrations can be made through


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