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Sassanid Jug Unearthed in Gilan

Sassanid Jug Unearthed  in GilanSassanid Jug Unearthed  in Gilan

An ancient clay jug was found by fishermen in Talesh County, west of Gilan Province, early this week while they were casting nets, said an official at the provincial Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. Based on estimations, the jug, which has a crack on the surface, dates back to the Sassanid Dynasty (224–651), IRNA quoted Vali Jahani, cultural heritage deputy at ICHHTO as saying. “The relic is dark beige, embellished with carved patterns. Horizontal circles and vertical lines are drawn between straight lines stretched around the jug,” Jahani said. It has a narrow opening and definitely had a handle, which is now broken. Seashells and sediments inside the jug prove that for centuries it was underwater, he said. In which period the jug was made cannot be accurately estimated because similar relics have rarely been found in the area, the official said, adding that the archaeologists can only make loose estimations. Talesh, located 110km west of Gilan is among the historic regions, potentially home to antiquated relics yet to be unearthed. Discovery of signs of a 4500-year-old civilization in the region has immensely elevated its archaeological footprint.


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