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Tom Hanks’ Short Stories on Way to Iran Bookstores

Tom Hanks’ Short Stories on Way to Iran Bookstores
Tom Hanks’ Short Stories on Way to Iran Bookstores

Ofoq Publication is to publish a Persian rendering of the latest book of the two-time Oscar winning American actor Tom Hanks.

Titled ‘Uncommon Type: Some Stories’, the book is a collection of 17 short stories and hit the US market in mid-October.

The Iranian company has purchased the copyright for printing the book and will send it to the market soon after the translation by Mohammad Javadi is completed, Iran Book News Agency reported.

This is Hanks’ first collection of fiction. He also is a screenwriter and his writings have appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. 

“The book demonstrates Hanks’ heartwarming sensibility and his versatility as a writer,” Entertainment Weekly wrote.

A gentle Eastern European immigrant arrives in New York City after his family and his life have been torn apart by civil war.

A man who loves to bowl rolls a perfect game, and then another and then another and then many more in a row until he winds up a celebrity, and he must decide if the combination of perfection and celebrity has ruined the thing he loves.

An eccentric billionaire and his faithful executive assistant venture into America looking for acquisitions and discover a down and out motel, romance, and a bit of real life.

These are just some of the tales Hanks tells in his first collection of short stories.

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