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80 Domestic, 103 Foreign Films at Cinema Verite

Charsou Cineplex will host the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Verite.Charsou Cineplex will host the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Verite.

The 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival Cinema Verite will open Sunday at Charsou Cineplex in Tehran with the participation of 80 films and 103 foreign documentaries from 46 countries.

Slated for December 10-17, the national section includes two categories of short (less than 45 minutes) and feature documentaries (over 45 minutes) in each of which 38 and 42 films will compete, respectively, YJC reported.

The International section comprises three categories of short, mid-length and feature documentaries.

After reviewing around 4,000 submissions, the jury selected 46 films for the international section.

The country that has the highest contribution in the International section is Germany with 13 documentaries.

After Germany, the UK is second with 10 films and France is third with nine. Next come Denmark and the US each with 7 films, and Spain with 6 documentaries.

Other participating countries are Italy, Poland and Lebanon each with four films. Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Qatar and India are each showing three films. The countries with two films are Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and China.

Remaining countries have one documentary each at the weeklong event. They include Croatia, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Syria, the State of Palestine, Afghanistan and Congo.

Charsou Cineplex, the festival venue, is located at the intersection of Hafez and Jomhouri streets.

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